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Pensions for an important part of our lives, whether you are an individual planning for retirement or currently in retirement or you are a business owner who has to consider the pension scheme that you offer your employees. It is crucial that you make the right decisions when it comes to pensions because they are a crucial aspect of life for anyone.

At TAS Accountants, we offer audit and accountancy services that cover all aspects of pension needs. We can take care of the tax aspect of your pension or we can advise you of the best pension scheme for your workplace. Our aim is to ensure that we help you in every possible way.

We listen to the needs and aspirations of our clients as this enables us to assist you with your pension and any investment needs. We cover the following areas:

Pension Services

  • Pension scheme audits, both statutory and non-statutory
  • Pension scheme contribution audits
  • Pension scheme accounting
  • Tax returns for pension schemes
  • Accounting and tax services for unapproved pension schemes
  • Pension Tax Relief At Source annual claim audits
  • SIPP property syndicate accounting
  • Employer covenant assessment
  • Affordability reviews

We take care of the individual needs of your employees including the calculation of sick pay and even student loan deductions. Let us deal with Employer Annual Return P35, Employee summary P60’s and P14’s as well as aP11D and P9D benefit and expenses returns.

Our ability to work with you and for you, allows us to use enhance your business and your efficiency. From tax planning advice to employment tax issues we also cover the following:

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