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Inheritance Tax

Inheritance tax is something that we all have to think about, even if we do not like the idea of dying.  However, legislation dictates that we must put the correct plans in place in order to prepare for it. So, our service is designed to help you put the correct provisions in place, taking advantage of tax opportunities that are available to you.

We approach our clients with care and consideration, helping them to put the correct arrangements in place at the earliest possible time. This ensures that they can take advantage of the complexities that surround our tax system. This can be an intricate process and so, we have the skills and understanding that enable us to plan the effective transfer of an estate with the correct provision in place. This requires our knowledge of the tax regime and the ability to find the right balance.

We work discreetly and confidentially offering a service that includes:

Inheritance Tax Services

  • Help with planning and reviewing a will
  • Making full use of exemptions and lower tax rates on lifetime transfers
  • Optimising lifetime transfers between family members
  • Transferring agricultural or business property
  • Transferring assets into trust
  • Arranging adequate life assurance to cover potential inheritance tax liabilities.

However, our service goes further than that because we can assist with trusts and helping clients to put their assets aside for future beneficiaries to help them avoid the problem of inheritance tax. Our trustworthy and professional team can assist you in identifying the right trust for your needs and then go through the process of setting up your specific trust. We then provide our clients with the option of using our trust management service that is underpinned by our range of accounting services.

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