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Corporate Tax

If your business has employees, then you will understand just how complicated payroll can be. It is a significant responsibility that requires you to adhere to strict deadlines and laws and you have to ensure you do not make any mistakes. It can add a significant amount of pressure to running a business but TAS Accountants are on hand to take care of your Payroll requirements

Our service is extremely thorough because we understand just how important it all is. We have experience of dealing with all aspects of payroll and that means that you can trust us. Our team of experts can create a service that aligns itself with your business, providing you with peace of mind.This includes:

Corporate Services

  • The liability that is associated with Corporation Tax falls on business owners. We appreciate that this brings with it a lot of pressure especially when it comes to Corporation Tax Self-Assessment. Running a business is time-consuming and often the time restraints placed on tax returns can prove daunting. Therefore, we can provide our clients with a service that prepares their tax returns in an efficient way, enabling you to submit them on time. Our team will also go one step further by calculating the tax liability of your business and then assist you in the planning of all payments.

Our team of tax specialists are committed to helping you remain compliant, ensuring that you meet all of your obligations while avoiding any hefty penalties. We ease the burden that is associated with the administration aspect of tax legislation and we reduce corporate tax exposure for your business. To achieve this, we provide a service that is efficient and effective, ensuring that all of your corporate tax needs are planned in a way that helps you and your business.

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